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Are SSH mandatory?

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  • Are SSH mandatory?


    I am new to web development, and was wondering whether or not SSH(Secure Shell) is mandatory. First I just wanted some clarification on SSH. From my understanding it is a program that accesses my local computer, and can let me work on projects that are on my server? correct?

    I read somewhere that SSH lets you write databases? Is that true? Is SSH the only way to write databases? Is it a necessity? Because I do want to be able to write databases.

    Thank you in advance.

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    SSH is commonly used to manage Linux servers that have no GUI.

    You can basically configure a whole server start to finish, including apache, mysql, email etc by SSH providing you know the commands.

    People tend to use control panels to make life easier such as Plesk or cPanel, there are also free alternatives such as zPanel.

    If you dont know how to use SSH my advice would be to learn on a demo system such as a VPS and not a live server, otherwise use a control panel.


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      SSH - Secure Shell

      Secure shell is a program to log on to another computer on the network, SSH executes commands inside a remote machine, it helps to transfer file from one machine to another machine. SSH provides resilient authentication and safe communication over channels that are insecure. SSH is a standby for rsh, rlogin, rdist and rcp. By using SSH network can be protected from outbreaks such as IP source routing, IP spoofing and DNS spoofing. SSH can only be forced to discontinue by an attacker who has managed to get control over a network. The attacker cannot invade the connection which is enabled with encryption.

      By using the commands with help of SSH one can configure the entire server. This is done when there is no GUI and used for Linux sever management. At Initial level one may use GUI in the form of control panel like cPanel or Plesk.