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    Sorry, but it has been years since I graduated from college and I find myself thrust into the world of Web Design. I get the basic concepts but for the life of me I can't find anything that tells me how to make folders public for the Internet, while making other folders private for the Intranet. I know how to add users to the folder permissions (is it as simply as that); however, how do I make my public folder open to all the public. Can anyone direct me here?

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    Additional Information

    I also did the following on the private folder

    Disable Anonymous Access

    and on the public folder

    Enable Anonymous Access


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      From the top of my head - Make a .htaccess file in the private folder and set an allow deny rule for certain IP addresses. Would look something like that

      order deny, allow
      deny from all
      allow from
      allow from
      allow from
      I think you can even declare IP ranges, if you should have tons of addresses.
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