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IIS 7.5 ssl setup

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  • IIS 7.5 ssl setup

    I am trying to help adjust a IIS 7.5 SSL cert setup, to accept proper WebDAV connections through an IDE using WebDAV. Its my understanding that to make IIS accessible this way, it needs to have SSL enabled in some shape or form unbeknownst to me. Im only familiar with Apache, so pretty much dependent on help to get this done due to a client limitation. We created and added an SSL cert already, and thats where we are stuck. we can log in with IE. The webdav is already setup, there is just a few kinks to work out still...

    There's a few things going on at once here.
    when we go to the following urls, we get the following symptoms; (via browser)
    redirects to (this is fine, but i would rather have it the other way around. www is just a convenience for illiterate computer users, and not exactly something i want lurking around in the address bar taking up real estate. ) This is pretty much irrelevant of the problem.

    Now the main symptoms; (via browser)
    "403 forbidden access denied" (this is the main problem)
    "404" thinking about solving with .htaccess if possible. (via browser)
    a login prompt comes up, and is successful at authentication and displaying the correct folder.

    when viewing the folder on the local machine with windows explorer it wont let us connect. (Via IDE using WebDAV https
    password, user, or connection generic error (Via IDE using WebDAV http
    password, user, or connection generic error (same as above)

    can somebody surmise what general area of IIS might be the issue?
    whats up the 403 and no explorer access?
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    does anybody use ssl with IIS here?


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      ok, so we have no IIS administrators in here i take it?


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        ok, well anyway, we solved it by adding a domain name controller to install a certificate controller. there is still difficulties with the mapping of the urls, where the only way to access the folder from the local machine now is via http.