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  • learning Linux Adminstartion

    I have keen interest to learn Linux Administration but do know how to procedure.Any one who can help me in this regards.

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    Well here it goes. You can learn so so much from the internet, but it all depends on what you want to learn. There is so much resources on the web for Linux/Unix it is unbelievable. But allot of resources on the web are for people who already know it/home users/people who just want to know some basics. If you really wan't to learn Administration, go to school for it. I took Administration for Unix 3 years in a row and most of the stuff is a bit more advanced than what you will find on the net, Considering you know networking of course. Knowing Unix and administrating it are two different things. It is a good skill to have, as the way i see it, Unix is rising in popularity and companies are starting to slowly give it a shot!.

    Some of the things i have learned in my last year of Unix is security which is a big thing now days, and ill tell you right now, Unix is a million times easier to maintain than Windows any day, it's only problem is the support of companies behind it(which ain't much). I would continue to learn Unix but at this day and age you also need to know Windows which is the de facto. So if you do want to learn, go to college for networking and you will learn Unix Administration. In order to understand Unix Admin. you need to know how networking works.

    Well hope this helped out