it seems like SSL certificates are not handeled correctly on shared IPs.

I got several domains and one IP, one of my domains is a webshop which needs a working SSL certificate, so up until now I installed this certificate for the IP and it worked. After updating to Plesk 10.0.1 there is another (wrong) certificate installed for the IP which I can't change as it seems. Or better I can change it in plesk and it is shown correctly in plesk, but if i go to the domain another certificate is used...

I have set the certificate under Start > Server Tools > Ip Adresses

If I go to Websites & Domains > Web Hosting Settings of one of the domains using this shared IP, the correct SSL certificate is shown.

But if I go to the domain (by browser https://...) the certificate which is used is a total different one. It is a Plesk generated/expired one.

This one is crucial, as the shop is more or less out of order, as long as the wrong cert is used.

Thanks for your help.

Plesk, 10.0.1, Linux, Ubuntu 8.04.4, 64bit