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How Often Do You Power Down Your Linux System?

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  • How Often Do You Power Down Your Linux System?

    How often do you actually shut down your Linux desktops/laptops (servers excluded for the obvious reason)? Do you power down when you’re not using it, every evening when you are done, or never – unless a power outage happens? What do you recommend? I used to never shut down but I find myself doing it more and more, at least every couple of days. I'm also not talking about rebooting; I'm talking about powering down and keeping it powered down for a little bit.

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    I don't use a linux machine, but with any home system you should always power down to save electricity.


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      I try to do it once a week for a couple hours to give it a rest. Is it necessary? I don't know, simple reboot would probably give the same results


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        Not often, I do it once for a month


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          Less than once a month.
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            I power it down every evening before I go to bed, Linux or not - why waste power keeping it running when you're asleep? It makes no sense.