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Which distribution is better?

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    CentOs or Debian

    CentOs includes packages that are very stable and usually comes with bug fix
    CentOs is an enterprise grade distribution and is available as an open source operating system
    If there is a specific need for solutions that is based on RPM use CentOs

    Debian makes use of packages i.e. DEB packages
    Package management makes Debian more organized
    Debian at times do not contain the greatest and latest software versions

    It depends on the use and how comfortable you are with which distribution


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      It completely depends on what you're going to use it for, there is no "better" distro, only one that might better suit your purpose. Generally CentOS is being used for cPanel/WHM hosting environments and for virtualization. Debian is a great base for a desktop OS and also on a server it can be more light weight than CentOS and perform better in some cases. If you can elaborate on what you want to do, we could make better suggestions.