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  • Nicest looking distro

    Not sure if anybody has done a thread like this already, but which distro do you think is the nicest looking? I have tried a few flavours of linux now, although I'm still a beginner in administration of it and everything.

    Here is the list of distros I have tried.


    Everybody says Ubuntu is the best distro for the beginner, and I have to agree that its very easy to use.

    Although my favourite looking one is Mandriva. Very colourful and clean

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    PCLinux is my fave.


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      Fedora or Suse for me. In general you have either KDE or Gnome as your window environment and they can both be skinned on any distro, so the best looking isn't really too big an issue any more, just download the themes for them if you want to say simulate Leopard (not sure why you would want to in my opinion though).


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        Somebody mentioned Linux XP Desktop 2008 to me. It looks great, but nothing on the site works. Anyone heard of it?


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          I think the best default theme for gnome is Fedora's, simple and elegant.
          Saying that, I've heard the Ubuntu team are going to put a lot more focus on creating a window environment to rival Mac OSX Leopard.. we shall see what they come up with....


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            There is a distro which uses the object dock like in Mac OSX, can't remember what it's called now.


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              You can use Avant Windows Navigator:


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                cool, will take a look


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                  i might be wrong but i'm pretty sure the latest ubuntu eee (asus) edition comes standard with avant windows navigator:
         even if it doesn't, i really like the layout of the theme in those pictures i want an eee!

                  Here's a simple screenshot of the awn in action:


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                    Personally, I go for personality, rather than looks, in which case Debian is the one for me.


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                      Sabayon, Mint & Fedora were the first three that came to mind for looks, fresh after install. (sabayon got hit with the ugly stick in 3.5, but before and after, gorgeous)

                      but looks can be changed pretty easy.

                      slax is also a bit of a looker. oh, and puppy had a facelift recently too right?

                      and slitaz, a desktop distro under 30mb, and it looks THAT good!? pretty sweet huh? mmmm how i love Slitaz

                      granular has it's own little charms.

                      gOS, has a unique look, using a nicely preconfigured e17.

                      i dont have time to list all i've used.... many.
                      many many many.


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                        I have tried Ubuntu, LiveKnoppix and Mandriva. I prefer Mandriva's look over all others that I have seen, and they have good hardware compatability. But Ubuntu is very easy to learn, yes.


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                          Linux MINT is a good looking distro.

                          Just my 2c


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                            The distro with the "Mac-like" object dock is called DreamLinux.


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                              I think Granular might be the only distro listed I haven't ran.
                              I liked PCLinuxOS myself and ran it for awhile until things got behind and started breaking for me.
                              I think Tex was sick during that time.
                              Looks are irrelevant for me since I prefer total control over my box and can make it look however I want anyway.
                              Slack allows me that control and I've been a Slackware user since Slack 11 and now run 12.2.
                              Not knocking other distro's, but Slack is the most stable of all the 'nix distro's I've ran and I'm one who can hammer a system with demands on it.
                              There isn't as much terminal time in Slack as folks think there is.
                              About the only time I use the terminal is for moving files and installs.
                              To run Slack you have to become adept at installing in various ways, especially since I'm not limited to what's in the repo.
                              I'm comfortable with Gnome as well as KDE but prefer the KDE 3.5 look or even XFCE.
                              I don't need all the new doo dads on the newest KDE and will only switch when all the bugs are worked out of it.
                              I've even debated going to XFCE instead of upgrading KDE.
                              The XP look a like was based on PCLinuxOS if I recall correctly and it's dead.
                              Dream is based on Debian.
                              Every time I've tried it, it was buggy but I have to admit it's different.