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    Linux is the best than windows..


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      Linux is also cheap than windows..


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        well i guess window is friendly user but linux have more security than window so linux is good for every thing


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          At this time Linux having more GUI but in comparison of windows its fail because windows is more user friendly and its all products are easily to install and manage.


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            I think that windows are more reliable and best instead Linux in client side.


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              As of me Linux is an open source system and is therefore more cost-effective to operate and maintain than Windows, meaning that Linux hosting will cost you less than Windows hosting. Linux also has a reputation for stability and speed which means that Linux web servers will crash less often than Windows web servers and Linux runs most processes faster than Windows.


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                Linux - more stable, doesn't freeze, doesn't need to be rebooted, more secure (viruses), open source, is easy to use.

                Windows - has more software available, but have to pay for everything, malware nightmare. Of course Windows 8 suppose to be much improved.

                I use both.


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                  I recently set both my parents up with Linux. They're about as technologically illiterate as they come, and they really like and find it much more user friendly than Windows. Although truth be told, the main reason I like them on Linux is that I no longer get the weekly tech support calls.
                  If they can use Linux and rather it to Windows, it's a testament as to how user friendly Linux really is.


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                    I don'z know how relevent this thread is, considering how old...
                    But I'll give my 2 cents anyway.
                    I worked & developed for the web, in php, for years under windows.
                    I had to "clean up the system" every week or so, and I had to reinstall the pc every 6 months, but I sticked to it ... that is.. untill a virus destroyed all I had on my hard disk.
                    Some sort of "beagle" virus, was it's name, I still remember.
                    It was a mighty virus. It rendered my hard drive unbootable in 2-3 days.
                    Anyway, I switched to linux and I never looked back.
                    That isn't to say, however, there is no malware for linux.
                    I had issue with a rootkit on my server, but that was due to my server being cracked because I had very, very weak ssh password.
                    But in every respect, choose linux.
                    If you are a home user, just choose mint, kubuntu or ubuntu.


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                      Originally posted by desibabs4u View Post
                      Linux is the best than windows..
                      That's what everyone says when they use Linux for the first time. I have found that Linux users are mostly free-seekers, meaning that it is difficult to sell software to the majority. I find it extremely easy (too easy) to sell things on Mac that are entertaining or artistic, and it is easy to sell productivity tools with a GUI on Windows. That is just my experience from the past several years though.

                      For the average computer user, if you have the skills to do things like install programs, remove programs, defragment your hard drive, etc. Linux is a great choice. You won't be bothered by the weekly updates you deal with on Windows, and you can buy a cheap computer to run it on.

                      I love using free operating systems, but I am forced to use Windows and Mac for commercial software. I might get on Linux once the next generation of computer users is in power. Unfortunately, there are still many people that don't have the skill required to download and install a Linux system. Many can barely turn on their computer to read their e-mail.
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                        Originally posted by Maclin View Post
                        As a result of Linux being open source software, there is no one version of Linux; instead there are many different versions or distributions of Linux, that are suited for a variety of different users and task. Some Distributions of Linux include Gentoo, and Slackware, which due to the lack of a complete graphical environment is best, suited for Linux experts, programmers, and other users that know their way around a command prompt.

                        IT Support California
                        There is no one version of Linux because Linux is just a kernel.

                        I have not looked in to Gentoo or Slackware, but I highly doubt that you are unable to install a desktop environment like KDE(my favorite) or GNOME, among others.

                        Originally posted by enhu View Post
                        depend still. i for once like linux because i don't like viruses.
                        installing in linux is just a single command unlike windows that you still have to look for it, download and double click etc..
                        Your example assumes you know what application or library you are installing for your linux distro. If not, you still have to search for an application or library for your needs. This also assumes you are strictly installing via the repository offered by your distributions provider. Compiling from source is arguably just as much work, and more at times, then finding and installing an app in windows. Furthermore, you are discrediting the time needed to type the install command. Being a Kubuntu user, let me use Vuze as an example seeing as it is offered via the ubuntu software repository and as a windows exe. Who is to say that I can not install the windows binary in the time it takes you to type sudo apt-get install vuze? Furthermore, you act as if the few clicks you will need to install a windows binary is all that challenging compared to typing in an install command.

                        Originally posted by mililani View Post
                        Linux - more stable, doesn't freeze, doesn't need to be rebooted, more secure (viruses), open source, is easy to use.

                        Windows - has more software available, but have to pay for everything, malware nightmare. Of course Windows 8 suppose to be much improved.

                        I use both.
                        As a recent windows converte, I could point you to an endless number of great freeware. For all the high priced software for windows, there is typically a freeware alternative of equal value.

                        As for the OP's question, I think it comes down to what you are doing but I generally feel linux flavors like (K)ubuntu and Mint are changing that. Plus the KDE desktop environment operates a bit like windows 7 by having an icon only task launcher available. In most cases, the minimize, maxmize and close buttons are in the same place. the start menu and the kick off are in the same location, but KDE actually organizes the software by category which makes it easier to find a program that I do not have pined to my panel. If you download deb binaries, they can be installed by simply clicking on them just like an exe file in windows. As a matter of fact I am debating on switching my friends mom's computer to Kubuntu since they really do not have any experience with Windows to begin with as this is the first PC they have ever owned.
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                          Linux or Windows

                          Well to select windows or Linux depends on the choice and need that will be more compatible for the website

                          You may use some factors like

                          On which frame work your website is based on.

                          what is the budget which you have allocated for your website.

                          What are useful features and specification that will be good for your website.

                          Which control panel is offer by default with the hosting.

                          Level and skill of the technical support that is available


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                            I'd actually say yes. Most desktop distros such as Mint, Ubuntu or Peppermint are user-friendly enough. You can't install malware as easily, because you use the package manager and don't download software from untrusted sources. You also can't as easly break things, viruses are more than uncommon and it requires less processing power.