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Moving to https and how it damages your position in SEPS

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  • Moving to https and how it damages your position in SEPS

    I just wanted to write some information on here in relation to moving our website from http to https. We done this a few months back and everything was implemented correctly including the 301 re-directs. I went through the correct process within Search Console and added a new property (the https version of our site). Over the past few months, i noticed that the old property (the http version) is slowly de-indexing its pages and the new version (https) is starting to index the pages. Secondly I can now see that all the backlinks have now transferred from the old version to the new version. The problem I am having is that the process of de-indexing and re-indexing has taken it's toll on our SERPS. We have dropped by about 30% across all key words. Wondering if anyone has gone through the same process and if they had any idea on how long it took to get back to it's original position. You can look at our website here and I know we have implemented the process correctly but if anyone has any comments or suggestions it would be great to hear from you.
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      It will be interesting to see if you regain your previous serps once all the links have moved across?
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