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  • Perspectives of SEO

    We are looking on a death of SEO as industry, dudes. That`s my point.
    Google gonna punish your site for everything that LOOKS like SEO today. So the most effective SEO practice now is becoming not using SEO at all.
    Want some traffic? Use social networking sites to attract traffic, generate unique and viral (if possible) content.
    Want good SERP position? Use social networking sites to attract traffic, generate unique and viral (if possible) content.
    Social networks are replacing SEO from its niche. Becoming experienced in SMM and SMO is literally all you can do today to promote your project and avoid Google`s banhammer.

    SEO is dead, but some do not come into this fact untill now. Are you agree with this statement?

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    I hope that's true, SEO has been abused to death and simply can't be trusted.
    But I fear rating sites on social popularity is also riddled with problems.
    I watched a TV program the other night that shows companies in India who have offices full of people setting up thousands of fake Facebook profiles where they are paid to 'like' things.
    The fake 'like' industry is the new 'SEO' nowadays and India is the prime culprit yet again.

    The amount of 'SEO' spam we get here on a daily basis is depressing


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      Although your point might be true to some extent, but you can still find hundreds of thousands of websites moderated professionally and honestly and they have been at the very top pages of Google and other search engines in their targeted niches for a long time. They may not have even been hit by the recent Google algorithm waves and this proves proper, quality SEO is still applicable to custom projects.

      The problem as mentioned is that millions of individuals assume SEO is very easy to digest, and thus have started to do everything by themselves, creating a huge problem for themselves and search engines that constantly have to amend their algorithms but SEO will remain active for the foreseeable future.