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5 SEO Tips For Massive Traffic

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  • 5 SEO Tips For Massive Traffic

    1) “Time-Spent” Keyword Research

    The main objective of good SEO is quality keyword research. Remember to have patience when researching and implementing ideas. Take the necessary time needed for each given task.

    Finding the right keywords may take a lot of time and patience. Use tools to help you find out which keywords are the best.

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Google Insight and Google Suggestions are good examples of some of the tools you can use to find the right keywords for your niche.

    An idea to sort out keywords is to download them into an excel sheet. Remember that the keywords should match the content and products of your website. Sort the keywords by the number of daily searches, or monthly, or yearly.

    Another idea is to sort keywords by competition levels. The competition of a keyword will give you a clue as to how many competitors there are for that keyword, and the likelihood of how high your results will show for that keyword. The lower the competition, the more likely you will get a higher search engine ranking.

    2) Content

    The second major factor that plays a role in SEO would be original and optimized content. Make sure to deliver fresh and unique content on a regular basis as well as balanced keyword rich content. Typically around 5% to 6% should be your goal. Web crawlers will take notice of this pattern and higher your rankings on the search engines.

    3) Specific Keyword Placements

    Make sure you place keywords in the specific areas that search engine crawlers look for them. Place keywords in titles, description, and tags. Use Alt tags and place them on images if you have any. Web crawlers only read html on your webpages. So where there is html, try to include keywords.

    4) Article Submission

    Submit articles to article websites. This will help your website to get crawled faster. Remember to place keywords in your title, content, and tags.

    Also remember to go back and add article keyword tags for other keywords that happen to display your results.

    5) Social Bookmarking

    Make a schedule to be highly active in social bookmarking sites. Join the most famous bookmarking sites like digg, twitter, delicious, etc. Bookmark your articles on a daily basis. Along the way, make friends or gain “followers,” to build your own line of fans.

    Use these techniques on a daily basis and you will start to see results. Remember to stay consistent, and just do it!

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    to increase traffic for your web site i think social networking web sites are very useful, twitter as of now is a great tool to drive traffic to your web site. blog commenting is another effective way.
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      In my own experiences, the point 5 might be "Social Media" but not only "Social bookmarking" since you do include social networking sites like twitter, facebook.

      all the best,


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        Yes, social bookmarking is good but I think social networking is now good to boost your traffic so well through twitter and facebook.


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          Hello guys...!
          In my opinion 5 SEO Tips For Massive Traffic as under :
          1. Unique Content Writing.
          2. Strong Link Building.
          3. Spreading Right Keyword.
          4. Social Bookmarking.
          5. Blog Writing And Submission.
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            Social bookmarking? can you share stats for your site, that have a lot of people from SB (except digg or something)?


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              Thanks for few tips journeyoflife7 i agree its helps to your website to get higher traffics
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                Originally posted by deluxe0190 View Post
                Thanks for few tips journeyoflife7 i agree its helps to your website to get higher traffics

                As regards Article Submission, Google has recently changed their algorithms. The change hurt those the likes of Ezine, Associated Content as they are considered as content farms.

                To better explain it, here's the link to that:


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                  Well thats good getting rid of content farms links in pr


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                    Aside from these tips, it is also effective if you will take good advantage of social media, since marketing through networking websites are indeed a powerful way in having a strong grip at your business' success.


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                      Hello friends...!
                      Awesome tips...Thanks for sharing useful SEO tips for massive traffic....I think forum posting ,blog commenting and article submission are the best SEO tips for massive traffic...!


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                        Strong tips for traffic massive. Principally your Keyword time spending tip is very well.


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                          Traffic is the most important thing for a website and without it one cannot run successful online business.


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                            I always think keyword research is the most important thing, it's the basis of our websites, kind like a road sign, the whole website is base on its direction.


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                              Those are wonderful list of tips that you've shared to generate traffics so that the page rank of the website increases and earn profit.
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