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    Hi everyone! As some of you know, I have a business in which I convert cassette tapes to digital audio. I'd like to have a page on my website where there are samples of some of the music I've converted, so people can hear what kind of quality I provide. However, I don't want to run into any copyright issues. Any ideas?


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    Have you tried asking your clients?
    Surely one or more of them has created an original song and so owns the copyright.

    Failing that there is the Internet Archive, it has a wealth of music subject to a more tolerant Creative Commons License that could be used by you. Of course the downside is that the music is already in a digital format but you could add a little tape distortion


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      @cybrax - Thanks, that's a good idea but I have no clients yet...

      Also, your second option seems to circumvent the entire point. One of the things that I promote is that when I'm done, you can often not tell that the audio came from tape. But in this case, in order to prove my quality, I'm going to intentionally distort audio that never even came from tape But thanks for that, it made me laugh
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        We will not tell anybody

        I guess you could record yourself to tape, reading aloud from a book or newspaper perhaps even singing. If you have a small enough recorder then maybe everyday conversations or phone calls.

        Stray thought ... head over to the Librivox website they create free audio books, maybe in their forum you can find a volunteer reader who lives nearby that uses tape to record.