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  • Advice on a free page

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm developing a single web page that is copyrighted by my website but has the notice that it is free for anyone to use. It is meant to be on the 'local' computer.

    Is there any wording that I can or should use to stop someone from charging for my work?

    I don't care if they modify it and offer it for free, I just don't want to see it sold.

    Thanks for any advice,

    Edit: I need to correct myself. It is not a web page but an HTML page that could be called a(n) "Utility"
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    Hmmm.... You know, once you post a page to the Web, it's hard to keep people from walking off with it to do as they like. About the only way I can think of to get around that would be to post the 'page' as an image and if someone wants to use the utility, they can get a hold of you for the specifics.
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      Thanks Pegusus,

      It's kind of a sad situation, don't you think?

      Way back in the day a person could offer a piece of work that they created for free in the Public Domain and others would respect that.

      Thanks for your thoughts,


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        It is sad, Mark. Thing is, we grew up with different rules. I think that's part of things.
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