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what to do with user uploaded content?

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  • what to do with user uploaded content?

    I know that with terms and conditions, agreements, etc., you can pretty much specify whatever you want, and if a user agrees to it, it is a 'bound contract'. However, how is user uploaded content generally handled?

    I'm making a cooking website, that will host recipes that are uploaded by users, but the users [italics]may[/italics] not be the original creator... If I state that they have no inherent rights to the recipe they uploaded and I take the rights as the site owner, what happens when the content uploaded was taken from somewhere else (ie. cookbook, tv, etc)? Might it be better to the users to let them keep the inherent rights, and I state I'll publish them on my site only? First venture into anything with terms/conditions/contracts/agreements and I don't want to look unprofessional. - Cooking website/forums
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