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Facebook layout - is it protected?

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  • Facebook layout - is it protected?


    If I'am about to start a site that uses pretty much the same (or at least similar) GUI layout as Facebooks' profile page (no, it's not a social site, but similar), would I be doing something illegal?

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    Its hard to say, but making a site that looks exactly like facebook might piss them off, and i dont think you want Facebook comming after you!

    What will the site name be? - because if its a little bit too close to "facebook" it think that they will probably sue you!
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      I'm by no means a legal expert, but a quick Google search yeilded this, which I hope will go some way to giving you a clearer picture.


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        I came across the same forum Joe yielded. You will get the absolute punishment from facebook definitely. Why not create an original layout for your visitors legit experience?


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          facebook layout

          its quite tensed situation.
          as you mentioned that you are going to make a site like facebook and it has the similarity
          if its basic layouts and funtions are same then you may b having aany kind of charge from facebook because they will not let you.
          but if you have some how different aspects and your site functionality is not same as facebook then it might not b a problem.
          but you should try that one who is legal and secure you should made your own layouts and designs etc.
          that will be fine.


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            I am not an expert on the subject either, but I recently got contacted by the GM of a shoe company because I had used their brand in a URL that I was promoting. They didn't like that at all and I was forced to close the site down.

            Sure in retrospec it's obvious, but my lesson learned - stay away from brands and trademarks. I'm sure FB's design is a trademark or something similar.

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