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music on my site (help me)

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  • music on my site (help me)

    okay so i want to use some music on one of my websites but i cant figure out what the copyright rules are for using ex. some andrea bocelli music...

    do i need to purchase a licens or is it enogh just to give credits to him in the code, or can i buy the cd and then its okay to use it??'

    Thanks for Ur time and help

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    simply giving someone credit is *NOT* valid...

    also, buying a CD allows you to listen to that recording privately... and not include it as part of your site.

    you will need to arrange with the record company an agreement to distribute the song on your site - but I imagine that a relatively new recording wouldn't be in your price range, I'm afraid.

    There are stock music sites which allow you to use the music indefinitely for a small fee (still a few hundred dollars) - but these are mostly instrumental pieces.

    from a non-legal perspective, you should consider that most users find music on websites to be annoying, at best, and even would go so far as describing it as intrusive - you need to be really sure that your site visitors' experience is enhanced by the use of music


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      As a workaround you could embed content from YouTube. This neatly sidesteps all the legal hassles as any copyright holders would deal directly with the site hosting the file , in this case YouTube . Who in turn would go after the original uploader.

      As Youtube's Terms and conditions clearly state that anybody uploading material must have the copyright or permission to do so. Then your site cannot be held accountable for showing the material.


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        You can still be held accountable for showing the material if you hotlink to a Youtube video.
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