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Where do you Designers get "professional" pics for your site

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  • Where do you Designers get "professional" pics for your site

    I'm a SEO guy and don't do much web design. I know HTML & CSS since I do have to optimize websites - but just wondering where you guys get the professional looking pics that are posted on your websites?

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    I usually get my photos, if they don't come from the client, from one of two places - either I take them myself or I use clipart stock-free photos.
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      As with all images that you don't take yourself, you need to make sure you are allowed to by the licence attached to images.

      There are a few stock images sites where you can pay a couple of dollars for a photo, or you can even use Flickr - just make sure that you obey the licences (many a non-commercial, and most are share-alike).


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        there are many sites like that allow you to purchase images. Just make sure they are royalty free!