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  • Domain Ownership Dilemma...

    I have been managing a website for a long time friend of mine who is a musician. Recently we spoke and he said he 'signed' a publishing contract with a record label and possibly very soon he may even get a record deal with a major label.

    We discussed the options of the domain/website I own and manage. I manage all content including servers and domains.

    He said there is a chance that the record label would want to take ownership of the domains I have owned for about 6-7 years now. I have done quite a bit of work including having them number one on all search engines.

    Record contracts don't last forever and there is a chance I will never get these domains back if I do hand them over. Therefore, I would like to know what options are recommended on proceeding with this dilemma??

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    did you buy them? are you the owner of the registration?

    in that case - the record company cannot simply take them from you, there must be an agreement by you.

    just don't get too greedy

    also - i suggest talking to a lawyer (unless the lawyer fee is going to outstrip any money you are going to make on the venture - in which case, just take the money and move on)


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      If you're going to hand them over, make sure that a sizeable cheque is coming your way from the record company. Otherwise, you have full rights to make your site a fan site. You just may not be able to offer some of the songs for downloading. They can't *make* you hand it over.
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        @Horus_Kol: Yea, I bought and own the domains. They are in my name.

        @Pegasus: How would I go about valuing the domains? Managed for about seven years and number one on all search engines?

        My idea was: If the record label wants to go with a different design and fresh new look, they could come up with design maintain the copyrights and I would host the files on my servers. Any and all correspondence including emails and social media management would be handled by them.

        *If there are any other ideas out there, please chime in.


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          An alternative to selling

          One method that is growing in popularity is domain leasing. For example, I own a domain and we come to an agreement that you will lease it from me. You could lease for one, five ten, whatever duration you want. There are even a few businesses (like that are growing up around this kind of business.

          You would probably need to have an attorney draw up the lease, but it is a viable alternative.