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    I have made a website for a friends company, and basically they have provided me with all the content for the website however they have taken the text from other similar websites and basically just copy and pasted it.

    I want to in the future once I have learnt HTML/CSS properly and am more confident I want to advertise myself as a website designer/developer, and basically put my name at the bottom of each website I make - what happens if the company they have copied the text from get in touch with me? For instance, who owns the copyright of the website I have made?



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    If you were provided with stolen content, then the copyright still belongs to the original author. As a webmaster, you are responsible for what goes up on the website. If you are requested to take down the information then that's what you have to do.
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      Yeah, I understand that, but what I mean is their a way of me saying:

      "I created the website, the design, the code. The client provided the content and if it is stolen/copied from another website it is their responsibility to take it down."

      Basically saying once I made the site, the content is up to them?


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        If you're maintaining the site, you have to take it down. If you hand the site over to them completely, then they have to take it down.
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          If you are copy the content form other website and if that hasn't any copyright he can not claim on you but it will not be profitable and your site can go into the spam.


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            @HotterDV - Content has inherent copyright... there is no such thing as "not having copyright" in the sense you are talking about, so using someone else's content is always a breach of copyright (unless they very clearly and explicitly state "This content is for anyone to use as they like")


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              if you make your own design you should make signature on it, then no one can copy right your designs. if some one is doing this i think this is wrong way. it is illegal.


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                You don't need to put a signature on your work. You just need to prove that you created something first. A CD version of the page or image is all that you really need.

                There's a difference between copyright and copy. Just because someone puts copyright by on their webpage doesn't mean that they hold copyright to the content if it's been taken from somewhere else. They can be told to take it down.
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                  If you are designing the website along with doing the content writing work then can face serious issues in case they enquire about it regarding the copyright. In simple words it's illegal
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