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    Which one is the best plate form for eCommerce solution Prestashop or Joomla?

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    Prestashop is quite good. Maganto commerce and OS commerce will also work for you.
    I have an acommerce web site in the US hosted by team.
    The customer service is prompt and will get you the information you need to make your website function the best.


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      Joomla or PrestaShop

      Joomla is packed software used to organize, build, manage and publish website contents for blogs, websites, mobile applications and interanet etc.

      Some of the features of Joomla include

      create website in multiple languages

      Good support available

      Upgrades in Joomla is very simple and easy

      Help system is integrated in Joomla

      Pretashop is an open source e-commerce solution that logically guides the online user to sail smoothly through the product list with navigational easy and simplicity that will ultimately make interested user into a client

      Prestashop is easy to install

      PrestaShop consumes less resources of the system on which it is installed

      Customization in PrestaShop can be done easily

      Good support documentation is available for PrestaShop

      Availability of good themes

      Responsive design for ecommerce on mobile

      If you are starting with an ecommerce website at initial stages Prestashop will be better


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        According to me Prestashop is best platform for eCommerce website. I have my clothing website bulid in Prestashop.


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          I think Joomla is best for eCommerce website.
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