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Need help to choose web host for running ecomemrce site

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  • Need help to choose web host for running ecomemrce site

    wanna know your points on magento commerce shopping cart software.
    I have already found several hosts that offfer magento hosting solutions: and - they have nice reputation.

    I need 10Gb space, 300 GB bandwidth, linux, magento, etc.

    What company will be better for me? Any reasons?

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    In my own experiences, finding the certified hosting companies from these scripts' official sites would be a nice choice.

    all the best,


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      I would recommend to contact both customer support, tell them your specific needs and see what they will offer you.
      Compare rates, pricing and reliability!


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        give my preference to company.
        I call it all-inclusive web hosting provider cos it is really flexible provider and it is able to meet any specific needs.


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          The Magento E-commerce Platform is the #1 most powerful open source e-commerce web application available. And not all web hosts can support the application equally. As an enterprise-level application, it places demands on a server that deep discount hosts often fail to support. Its system requirements demand a fairly specific configuration that isn't found on all web hosts, which is why it's important to choose your host carefully when developing a Magento e-commerce site. At CPS Web Hosting, our server platform has been specifically configured to conform to Magento's stringent guidelines.
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            I wouldn't use Serverpoint. I had a horrendous time with them. I ended up moving to 1and1 who helped to host my website and also set up an ecommerce section on my website. Hope this helps.


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              For running ecommerce website one can check with the hosting providers who provide ecommerce hosting. If you have some question regarding ecommerce hosting and if you are satisfied with the answers that you have received then you can select that hosting provider. Also while selecting ecommerce hosting makes sure that you check for security, support and reliability.


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                you can go with is a leading cloud web hosting service provider company. Their cloud service is fast , reliable and cost effective