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Paul's Guide To Affiliate Programs

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    Originally posted by Disturbed View Post
    Are you here to stay now Paul?
    I sure hope so. I have a bit on my plate but I don't think I'll have a problem checking in quite a bit.


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      Originally posted by Thomas Schulz View Post
      Those of you who are making bucks being affiliates... How high a commission do you think one should offer to affiliates? 25%? 30%? More? I guess it also depends on conversion rate etc., but still, how much does it take before you become interested?

      And how do you promote? Do you own newsletters/blogs etc. where you promote a product once in a while?
      When giving commissons to affiliates you have to make them look much more competitive than your competitors so that more affiliates will want to promote your products and not your competitors. So the higher the commissions the better, but you also have to have other things in place like good customer service, many methods of payout, etc.

      Also, if you pay your affiliates 30% and you find that you will end up making a loss because of it then it is obvious that you really can't pay as much as that, so it is realistic to work out what the max is you can pay or affiliates and also take in to consideration to what your competitors are paying their affiliates.


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          Paul, nice little writeup on affiliate marketing.


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              Originally posted by sutoh80 View Post

              I just learn how to create my own website and may I know how to get my URL listed in yahoo or other search engine?

              hi there alex how are you!

              i've read a blog which talks about the basics of SEO and I'm gonna share it with you. There are three major key points that you need to consider in order for your URL to get listed on top of Google™

              1.) Plan your Keywords carefully
              2.) Generate Keywords
              3.) Research Keywords

              Everything is thoroughly discussed in the blog.

              Hope it helps!



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                Thanks for this. Should be very useful to many of us.


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                  Can you tell, a website that gives a good CPA?

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