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Looking for feedback on new content monetization idea

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  • Looking for feedback on new content monetization idea

    Hi All,

    I run a small software company and we're toying with an idea for a new content monetization product. The idea is explained better (more visually) in this document, but here's the quick version:

    1) Visitor clicks an external link in your site
    2) We open a new page & show them a single ad, targeted against the content you're linking to
    3) After a few seconds they're automatically redirected to the link they clicked on

    We'd pay you 70% of all ad income.

    It would be really easy to implement from the content site owners point of view. Just sign up with us, give us your paypal address for payments and insert a small amount of JS into each page (this shows the ads when an external link is clicked).

    So I know there are a few people here who run content based sites. What are your thoughts? like the idea? loathe it?

    Assuming you have a lot of page views (e.g. >100,000 per month)? Is this something you'd be willing to try out?

    Just to stress, this isn't spam, you can't sign up yet, I just wanted to get some feedback before progressing the idea.