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  • Affiliate not paying

    Hi all,

    Not sure what to do in this situation. I have been working with this affiliate for over a year now. Initially they were good with payments but they stop paying me about 6 months ago. At first they told me that there was issues on their end and once resolved would pay out all commissions. A month later, I contacted them again and said that they had to verify my account and all commissions. Then they stopped answering me completely. I have just realized that they have deleted my account with $800 in unpaid commissions. Is there anything I can do here?



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    Did you keep a paper record of your transactions? Or some sort of record-keeping manner of what you've done and how much they owe you? You'd need some sort of proof to take them to court, you know.

    Sounds like the company went under, or is in the process of going under. I'm not sure what you can do about that. You might want to talk to a commercial lawyer about it. They'd have the best information on the subject of bankruptcy or insolvency and how you can apply to get your money.
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      Many affiliate programs are notorious for screwing over their affiliates for whatever reason, or simply for no reason at all, just plain scandalous GREED! All we can do is make sure we hand-pick affiliate programs that we choose to market v e r y carefully (and then keep a constant eye on them) because although they are free to join they are not free at all when it costs you valuable time and maybe even money to market these programs without any guarantee of returns.


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        The simple way: work with other affiliates. There is a small chance to get your money back.
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