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Contextual Advertising and Banner Ads

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  • Contextual Advertising and Banner Ads

    Text link or Text Ad is one of the best ways to direct your visitor to the specific offer you wish to present. It is a great way to promote your business offers since it contributes to your sites SEO and SERP. The search engines are reading your site content, that's why text link ad is sometimes better than banner ad (search engines cannot scan banners image and design).

    Banners are usually provided (FREE) by the affiliate programs and networks, the most common sizes include 468x60 pixels, 120x60 pixels. Banner ads reflects the offer or message that you, as an online business owner, wish to deliver to your visitors.

    Feel free to post your comments.. Thanks

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    With blogs I think Text Ads are much easier to integrate, and there are more different choices for visitors comparing with Banners. So I prefer Text Ads better.


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      i think both image/ banner and the text ads are important. it totally depends on the type of your site. if you are targeting young people then image ads will work great. if your site is full of text then image ads will simply rock.


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        I think that image ads tend to work better towards the common user. Text ads have a sense of blandness and don't have a very good appeal to the visitor.
        But, the key factor I believe is CPC vs CPM.


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          I prefer text ads which will be better in SEO point view too, It increases the keyword ranking in SERP and Increases site traffic to our sites.


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            Some blogs do better with image ads, some better with text. It just really depend on the niche. Best to test test TEST and discover what works best for you. And don't just go by click-thru rates -- go by what really matters - CONVERSIONS!