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    The Slobovian government has been in contact with HTMLforums and would like us to do several pieces for them over the coming 12 months. They will accept our choices of the best work for each month.


    The country straddles the equator and is divided into several provinces. Blos, in Inner Slobovia, is the capital. In the northern hemisphere is Outer Slobovia, Lower Slobovia and Greater Slobovia. In the southern hemisphere is Upper Slobovia, Middle Slobovia and Lesser Slobovia. Inner Slobovia straddles the equator in the center of the country.

    The residents of Slobovia are relatively new to the Computer Age and would like to have a web presence, even though the only computers they have are in the University of Slobovia in Blos. The white mice that run the generators have limited capabilities so any web pages we do for them will have to have small file sizes.

    Some of the work that they want us to do will be to teach the UofSlob. students how to create their own web pages. To this end, some of the projects will merely be graphic representations of pages and some will be actual pages. Each project will have its own directions and limitations.

    To begin with, the government of Slobovia has asked us to create a graphic representation of their main web page. They would like to include links to the main pages for the various provinces, as well as a link to the various departments within the government. They leave the choice of "what's important" up to us.

    Slobovia's flag is yellow, blue and red triangles surrounded by green borders. I'll attach a copy of it to this post. Apparently, it's made by hand, knitted by the women of Slobovia. Each triangle represents a province, with Inner Slobovia represented by the light green cross.

    The reason that all the areas are outlined is that there is a fierce rivalry between all the provinces. What one does, the others are liable to do just the opposite. Keep this in mind as you are creating pages or images over the coming year.

    To Summarize:
    We are requested to make a mockup of the Slobovian government's main web page. It must be either a gif or a jpg (they haven't got the technology to read pngs yet). It must include links to the various provinces, as well as links to the main sections of the government.
    The Slobovian government would like to see our results by the end of the month, so nominations/submissions will close in 14 days and the voting will begin, with the top three entries being sent on to the Slobovian government.

    Post your entries here and if you have any questions, they can be posted here as well.

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    Cat-herder Extraordinaire

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    Okay, I'm pretty sure I have an idea of what you are asking, but just a 2 things:

    1. What's the max size for the file?
    2. Judging on what your saying here:
    It must include links to the various provinces, as well as links to the main sections of the government.
    You want us to add the text? Or am I not understanding?


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      knitted by the women of Slobovia
      When I read that, I thought it said the woman of Slobovia

      Hmm, neat flag, but it will be hard to get colours to match with that. Well... unless the site is going to be done in bright primary colours... Are we allowed to filter the colouring, texturing, and lighting on the flag?


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        The maximum file size for the graphic submissions is 600x400. The Slobovians will be using the image as a guide to creating their own web pages at first. There will be 4 times this year, at least, that we will be creating actual pages, two using any valid HTML/XHTML and two using a CSS layout. That way, we'll have more levels of designers included in the contests.

        When we do the graphics submissions, like this month's, we do web page mock up in either gif or jpg format, just as if we were submitting ideas to an actual client. is similar to what we'll be doing.

        You're only doing an image of the site, not the actual page itself.

        The colours of the flag are the standard primary colours, with the light green being #00CC00 and the dark green being #003300 (I think. Close enough, anyway.) If you feel that you can make the flag look more realistic, go right ahead. Just don't change the colours by too much.

        Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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          I think maybe:

          1, more publicity about contests such as these
          2, a small prize such a signature image or something
          3, something less challenging for starters, maybe. At least more publicity

          updates, videos, images and discussions


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            is there a cash prize? or a signed contract? i am confused you want us to design a website for a government with nothing in exchange
            - no prize
            - no money
            - no recognition
            - no external links to the company that designed the site?


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              That is not the problem at all, for this is more of a local contest idea. However, the fact that noone noticed it was there and there was no in-forum recognition did halt the whole thing from getting off I think. This subforum is _never_ checked.

              updates, videos, images and discussions


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                Yeah I agree with nox-Hand. I think with a little more "advertising" of contests you can bring more members to participating.