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    They have a turkey version of SPAM now if you really want a substitute!


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      Originally posted by justjeni
      They have a turkey version of SPAM now if you really want a substitute!
      Hey, am I being compared to Turkey Spam now ?
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        Hey! We are already on page 4! I'll have to go surfing for some spam to add here. You know, that pig website would be fitting in the spam box.


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          Beware Jason! The Cherokee are Iroquoian! It makes you wonder what uses your fiancee may come up with for your heart.


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            Now this is something that every person who has a pig website would want to buy!


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              Spam Fettuccine Primavera

              This can be made with next to no natural or normal ingredients, much like SPAM.

              Sacrifices six to eight hearty appetites.

              1 tbsp butter (or butter substitute... I can't believe it's not butter!)
              2 tbsp flour (the white non-nutritious kind)
              1 1/2 cups milk (powdered and mixed with tap water... not the real stuff)
              1/2 cup canned chicken broth (with lots of added salt and preservatives)
              1 1/2 tbsp dried basil (comes pre-dried in a jar... you don't have to dry it yourself)
              12 ounces Fettuccine (that's a noodle like spaghetti only wider)
              1 can Spam julienned (that means cut into strips... not the can, the Spam!)
              1 package frozen or freeze dried vegetables cooked and drained (the vegetables, not the package)
              2/3 cup Parmesan Cheese (the one in the green cardboard can that's been sitting for years in your cupboard)
              In small saucepan, melt butter or butter substitute. Stir in white flour. Cook, for one minute (not 59 seconds) stirring furiously. Add powdered milk mixture, chicken broth and basil. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly until thickened. Keep warm (the sauce, not you).
              Now cook your Fettucini (the wider than spaghetti stuff) in a gigantic pot following detailed package directions carefully (dump in boiling water till cooked). Drain the water off the Fettucini and dump in your julienned Spam, vegetables and sauce. Cook, stirring, over medium heat until thoroughly heated... unless you just can't wait in which case, eat it cold!

              Sprinkle parmesan cheese (the one in the green cardboard box... unless it's too lumpy to sprinkle from sitting in the cupboard for years) over the top of your creation. Yum!


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                Now this is something that every person who has a pig website would want to buy!

                This is too funny! I can't believe you found that - it's so stupid it's funny - now if only I could remember the URL of the piggy website that blew my mind - she'd love to learn of this place!
                You really got a good laugh out of me with this one - that is just unreal! Thanks - I needed to laugh a little! It sure is a lot better for you than spam!!


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                  Originally posted by Jason

                  Good to see we're back to the serious business of posting rancid recipes :p
                  Priorities man...........priorities.

                  Coconut Beer Batter Spam with Raspberry Horse

                  2 3/4 c Flour
                  2 tb Oil
                  2 Eggs
                  3/4 c Cold water
                  2 c Beer, flat
                  3/4 ts Salt
                  Dash pepper
                  1 1/2 ts Garlic powder
                  12 oz (1 can) Spam or Spam Lite
                  2 c Shredded coconut
                  RASPBERRY SAUCE:
                  1 c Raspberry sauce or jelly
                  3 tb Horseradish sauce

                  Open beer and leave at room temperature over night.

                  Chill beer and then add water, oil and eggs. Mix just
                  enough to break the egg yokes. In separate bowl, mix
                  flour, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Add to liquid
                  ingredients, while stirring slowly. Add coconut and
                  stir slowly.

                  Prepare deep fryer as directed by manufacturer. When
                  oil is ready, dip one inch wide strips of Spam in beer
                  batter and deep fry until they float to the surface.

                  To make raspberry sauce, combine raspberry syrup or
                  jelly with horseradish sauce in small bowl.

                  Dip in raspberry sauce and enjoy.

                  FROM: 1996 Alaska State Fair Winner National Best Spam
                  Recipe Contest

                  MMMMMMMMMM.........flat beer and SPAM! :p


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                    That is disgusting!! I need the sick icon after that one!!


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                      Not that gross...

                      Considering I am sitting here drinking a Bud Light and eating some Oreo cookiees. How is that for a bad match. It's tough when you're out of Pringles.

                      I outta make movies... Look at all of that product placement.


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                        Oreo's and beer??? Yuck!


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                            Re: Re: Raving Lunatics

                            Originally posted by Jason
                            I'll win his heart in the end.
                            Well, if you're going to try, I suggest you register. My heart can only belong to a registered member: (of course my fiancée may have an issue or two with this).

                            Ta da! I've registered. Although I've decided not to pursue you heart any further, I wouldn't want to upset your fiancee. :-) Besides I'm not sure my boyfriend would be too happy either! ;-)


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                              Fried Spamballs:

                              2 cans spam (the real thing, not the turkey suplament)
                              4 eggs
                              16 slices of your choice of cheese (or velveta)
                              large containter flour
                              seasons salt
                              cooking oil

                              kneeding the spam into individual balls, place broken cheese slice into center and cover with spam completely! roll spam ball threw egg batter then cover with flour. place balls into fryer untill golden brown. lightly sprinkle seasons salt and peper over IMMEDIATLY after removal from deep fryer. cool for 5 min.

                              Servers 2-4


                              only 4&1/2 pages left!!!


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                                Don't you mean.....

                                ....5 & 1/2 pages?! ;-)