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Spam Box Myths and Policies

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  • Spam Box Myths and Policies

    In the beginning, the forums were without shape, and void. Then came along The Spam Box, and all heck broke loose!

    Since its creation, there have been many rumors, myths, speculations, lies, and terrible secrets shrouding the purpose of The Spam Box, and why it is here. This post serves to clear up those myths and to help you understand its function.

    MYTH #1: The Spam Box is here to spam my site.

    Not true. While you may get away with a single post of your site to The Spam Box, it is here to move spam from around the forums to, in order to show our members the type of post that is considered "spam" by making available past spam.

    MYTH #2: The Spam Box is an open flame war, when inside The Spam Box, anything goes!

    Not true. While users are allowed to respond to posts moved into the box that have breached forum etiquette, flame wars and stacks of garbage posts may be deleted or shut down. Continued offenses may result in a catapulting by our staff.

    MYTH #3: My post wasn't spam! You guys are just mean!

    Not true. While a few of our mods are old and cranky, if your post was moved into The Spam Box, it was because:
    [list=1][*]You made an unsolicited post for your site or service, or a site or service that you are affiliated with.
    [*]You have cross posted the same question or topic to more than one forum.
    [*]You have flamed or created a topic inappropriate in some way, or its value was so low that pushed down legitimate topics within another forum, and your post was moved to provide an example of what not to do.[/list=1]

    With the myths of The Spam Box now dispelled, I hope that the actions behind post moving and maintenance has become more clear.

    Happy posting!
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