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Mad things are going on here!!!

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  • Mad things are going on here!!!

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can help me.

    I've been working away building this website for the last few weeks. The site is done, and it looks fine. I have a .css code running through it too, and everything looks fine in the browser (before anything is uploaded).

    Once I've uploaded the files to the server (i'm using SmartFTP for this, if anyone is wondering) and once the site goes live, 2 of the 4 images which are embedded in the css code are missing. These images are used as small, thin banners, and the site looks stupid without them. I've studied the code, and trawled through the internet looking for the problem, but I can't find anything at all to help me!

    Basically, I just dont understand why the site looks fine in the browser before its uploaded, but after it goes up (yes, all the files are definetly up there) some of the images vanish, while some others remain...

    Any help would be great!

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