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~ manage attachments problem ~

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  • ~ manage attachments problem ~

    Hi there scoutt,

    an attachment upload problem has just started out-of-the-blue.

    I am getting this information...
    Upload of file failed.
    This is not a file size problem.

    Can you look into it for moi.?

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~

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    Hi there scoutt,

    I can confirm the "bald headed old fart's" assertions are correct.

    Unlike him though, I have only ever included six attachments to
    my posts, the last being in November 2005.

    Knowing, him like I do, it is patently obvious that he will never be
    happy unless he is attaching his bloody stuff into forum databases.

    So please help to put the poor old demented sod out of his misery
    as soon as humanly possible.



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      Give him a week or so. He's busy with a major project, (I hope), and he'll be back at it after the long weekend.

      I think part of the problem is our lack of email function, or it ties in with that. We've been denied emails because people don't want to use their real email addies to sign up for the forums, so the emails bounce. Among other reasons.

      Have patience, dear one. It'll be fixed soon.
      Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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        Hi there Peg,

        I didn't want to mention emails, or should I say lack of emails.

        It doesn't really matter if these things work or not.

        This forum like so many others are in terminal decline.

        The good old days are gone, and they are gone for ever.

        Here it is now a toss-up for who expires first old coothead or HTMLFoums.

        ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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          Coothead will expire before the forums do, Coot. As long as there's someone who needs help, we'll be here. Or at least, I will be. And I'll do what I can.
          Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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            When one talks to himself is one thing, but when one answers one self then you might be considered a little crazy....

            I believe it was a setting in the old software coot, if you still have the same issue please let me know.
            Have a Script or Snippet you want to share?

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              Hi there Brian,

              I am pleased to say that the "Attachments Option" is now working in vB 5.2.1.

              It also appears that my beloved smilies are now also working.

              This will surely make everyone's day just perfect...

              ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


              • scoutt
                scoutt commented
                Editing a comment
                Mighty welcome there old man.