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Get Do Follow Links Without Getting Banned - READ THIS

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  • Get Do Follow Links Without Getting Banned - READ THIS

    Are you here to post links in your signature or threads?
    Please read this announcement to find out how to do so without being banned.

    We Allow Do Follow Links is one of the few larger forums that allows visible "do follow" links in signatures. This is probably due to the age of HTMLforums (over 12 years in the running) and the fact that there was no such thing as "PageRank" or "SEO Juice" when HTMLforums was developed, so it was never conceived that there would be much abuse from this feature.

    Some People Try to Abuse the Links - We Get Unhappy

    However, recently, there has been a flood of users registering to simply post something vague and without substance so that they can display a sig link. If you think you can get away with it, you will soon be banned, possibly on your first post.

    We Instantly Ban You -You Lose Your Links and Can't Post Again

    If you would like to post sig links, you need to follow the below rules. Complete rule violating morons will be banned instantly upon their first post without discussion. If you are a current member and not following ALL rules below, then you might be given an infraction as a warning, or if you are particularly irritating you might also just be instantly banned. If there is a mass rule ignore, then sigs may eventually just get the no-follow tag, or possibly just be made invisible to everyone except logged in users - so don't screw this up for yourself and everyone else.

    You Can Post Links Without Banishment if You Follow Our Rules

    The Rules:

    Below are the rules that must be followed to avoid being instantly banned. Please follow ALL rules or you'll be catapulted out of here faster than you can say quittage.

    1. You must have 30+ posts and be a member for 30+ days before you make a signature link.
    A signature link is a reward for being a contributing participant. Do not try to make any kind of a sig link before you accomplish this.

    2. Your post must contribute real substance to the thread. DO NOT MAKE A HALF ASSED CRAP POST TO GET A LINK.

    What is a crap post?
    -You just posted to agree with the OP and say something like "Nice post, I agree".
    -You say something that doesn't even make any sense in relation to the post.
    -You just repeat something that was just said in the post.
    -Your post is so simple it adds absolutely nothing of value.
    -A partial, poorly written, or broken sentence.

    3. Your post cannot be a blatant advertisement for your own site/client's site.

    This means:

    -Do not post a link for your site in your post.
    -Do not ask people to visit your site.
    -Do not start a thread asking about a website you are promoting, and then post a reply from another account saying "it is a wonderful site". We're onto this crap.
    -Do not pretend you have no relation to a site you are posting about.

    4. Don't do anything else stupid, sneaky, or spammy!

    If you try to find a way to sneak in sig links before your time, or to fill up with meaningless fluff posts, or try to post about a site you're involved in on the sly, we'll know exactly what you're doing and ban you.

    Here are a bunch of spamming techniques that we're wise to and will be looking out for:

    5. Follow Signature Line Guidelines

    If you've been a good contributing member and have provided enough value to the forums to have earned a signature link, then ensure that your signature follows our signature line guidelines:

    Participate and Reap the Rewards

    HTMLforums is a website established for the purpose of helping and getting help with web development and website business topics. If your interests are not in line with these topics, then it might be best to move on to another community. However, if you do have knowledge to share or a desire to learn, and you are helpful to the community, then you will be rewarded with a signature that allows true and live do follow links, and the more you post, the more people will see your link. However, we'll be watching every post to find the dummies that are just looking to spread their crap links around without providing a value to our community. It only takes our staff 2 clicks to ban you and delete your posts, so don't waste our time or yours.

    Thanks for your support. Now go play nice.
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    Originally posted by Jason View Post
    or possibly just be made invisible to everyone except logged in users - so don't screw this up for yourself and everyone else.
    I'd be happy enough for that to happen .... just as I'd be happy enough to reduce my signature to "plain text only" ( not even an www[dot]me[dot]tld ) for logged in/guest

    Reality is, I've been a member here for years and the hits/juice I get from my sig are *seriously* not worth the amount of time/effort I put into this place ... but that's not why I'm here