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  • media planning / research site

    we'd love some honest feedback about our site:

    currently there is a ton of data there, and we used backbone JS as we thought folks could consume as much information as possible this way. (using WebSolr for elastic search)

    looking at doing a redesign in the upcoming months - to make it more visually appealing. any thoughts so far?

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    The title is prominent and promising, but then there is no info about the site content above the fold. I guess that what you have in the second screen: "Keep media buyers informed.." should be on the first screen.

    I may not be very familiar with this field, but when I open the site, I do not get a quick idea what does the site do: does it provide a service, or information or is it just a search engine through the "database."

    The subtitle could be probably a bit smaller and darker (more dense color, like black instead of gray).