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Help finish the look of a new cannabis website

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  • Help finish the look of a new cannabis website

    Hello everyone, almost finished with the website, but hitting a wall when it comes to the background of the main body and getting the website to fall into place & tie itself together.

    Any suggestions as to what I should do for the body background? I'm totally stumped at the moment. Another image like the header? Or would that be too busy and maybe just a repeatable gradient image? If so, any suggestions on the color? Or help making one?

    Also I know that the navigation bar seems a bit out of place as far as the color goes, any suggestions on to what to do or which color would work better?

    Perhaps a repeatable gradient image for that as well?

    I have to touch up some parts of the code for a few various things, feel free to point them out, but this is mainly for finishing the overall look & feel of the website.

    I am using IPS Suite 4.0 software.

    Thank you!