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  • My hair transplant site

    Hello friends! Please review my website hair transplant India that i have developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java. I have also created its admin panel for uploading its images in gallery and videos on videos gallery. I have used html marquee tag in upper left corner of it below logo. Does it look good? I have developed it in bootstrap and it is a mobile responsive design.
    Please review it and tell me its short comings so that i could correct them. Thanks for your precious time in advance.

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    Some of the words need checking in an English thesaurus, a dictionary of words that mean the same thing. If for an English speaking nation, United States English is different than United Kingdom English, and different than Australian English.
    - a lift in England is an elevator in the U.S.
    - a car trunk in the U.S. is a boot in England
    - a bobby in England is a policeman in the U.S.
    - a truck in the U.S. is a lorry in England.
    Many good Free Tutorials at:


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      It's looking amazing.



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