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Can anyone review my new site?

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  • Can anyone review my new site?

    I created a new website using word press, i don't know much about coding so i have no other option to design with html. i want to build quotes website but i have a question about my site. Insurance advise point

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    The site is not well-organized, I'm pretty sure there's other kinds of themes that you could use instead of that, I would try to find a better theme, I'd organize it better, it's also very plain so I'd add more pictures. PS I still don't know your question.


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      Site Review


      This is a reaasonably well done site, especially for a first attempt. It seems as though you used a WordPress theme out of the box and filled it with your content.

      I would suggest making some change to the theme, as it is not currently clear where the eyes are supposed to go when first navigating to your page.

      Additionally, some things like a privacy policy and contact information woudl go well for an insurance-themed site.

      One last piece of advice, spellcheck your posts and title. Obviously mistakes don't look good to users.



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        There is a ton of misspelled words, like even in your title...
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          You should try some other free WordPress template - your site not good