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    Hello, everybody. This is my website: I have started it just recently but it is actually an idea that I came up with long time ago during my teenage years, when I created a website to have fun. Nowadays, it seems as though learning code is very easy as there are lots of free resources on the Internet. Back in those days, I didn't know how to use anything but Microsoft Frontpage! Right now, I just see lots of potential in creating many fun things using html5, javascript, php, and much more. The website is still at a preliminary stage but in the near future, I should be making some fun stuff like javascript games or just a series of webpages for users to explore, to be able to see the cool stuff that IT can do. One game that I uploaded recently is The Cantonese Food Quiz for Foreigners!!! at I hope you all would have fun doing it, even if you have not been to a place like Hong Kong before.