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​My own website, your own critiques vol2

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  • ​My own website, your own critiques vol2

    I would like to share with you one more website that I have made and I would be very grateful if you could give me some reviews. Good or bad does not matter. All are acceptable. The website is not live yet, cause i am waiting for some material from the owner. That is the reason why it is in a subdomain. The website is almost 90% ready.
    Here it is.
    Previous post from me:

    Best regards,
    Aristeidis Karavas

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    I'm not sure I like the video being on the first page. Again, it's a one page site, but the video is a bit of a distraction as a background. Other than that, it works well on both the newest version of Firefox and an old version of IE. Well done.
    Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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      Thanks you for you kind words. I made a lot of changes today. Too many i would say. I added a full page gallery, blog full page, maps, the menu is edited...
      For the background. Would you think that a bigger opacity would make it less destructive?


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        If you could lighten the video, so that we could see more of what was being done, that would help, I think. If you change the opacity of it, it will only look darker, a bit more sinister. *lol* Says the girl who doesn't have any tattoos herself.

        Other than that, it looks good. *g* I even found the new pages.
        Cat-herder Extraordinaire


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          You got me a little bit confused now. You said that the video is a bit of a distraction. Then you wrote that i should change the opacity to something lighter...
          Was it easy to find the new pages?


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            Personally, I'd move the video to the side of the menu/address and not have it dominate the page. Most of what I see are dark shapes moving. It's hard to tell what's going on in the video. And now that I'm familiar with your menu style, yes, the pages were easy to find.
            Cat-herder Extraordinaire