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What's the current thinking on the number of websites?

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  • What's the current thinking on the number of websites?

    I've gone from having 1 website with everything on it... to the main website, blog site, speaker site, etc.

    I'm looking to update my website this year. Should I pull my blog back into my main site? or keep it separately?

    Just seeking a discussion on current trends. Thank you.

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    I'd keep them separate as it "de-clutters" the main website.

    If I'm there for a blog, I couldn't care less about a (to use a recent experience with yourself as an example) "How coachable are you" form.

    An equally if I'm there to fill in a "How coachable are you" form, it's unlikely I'm going to care about a blog.

    But that's just me.

    And I'm a weirdo.
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      This is depends on what the webmasters wants whether they want to keep both the blog and website together or if they want to start a blog which is beyond their regular business scope. Keep the website and the blog together can bring advantage because people can know about the human side of your business. This creates unified experience for the user. The content that you provide if it is useful then it can also bring benefits for the website.