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    Hello, I would like to ask which platform (free) would be the best to integrate it with my website to create a very simple online store?


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    Do you already use some kind of CMS? Most oft them have nice solutions for simple stores.
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      I have around 3 online stores; all of them are wordpress-based. Once you set up Wordpress site, just install & activate the Woocommerce plugin to turn it into an online shop with shopping cart, etc. Check it out.


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        Online Shop

        For creation of online store the ecommerce platforms you may try are OpenCart, osCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop etc. these are also available in free version.


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          Does anybody have experience with PopShops? Or can offer general advice in any case.

          My scenario:-

          I have 118k+ twitter followers which were gradually built up with a view to gaining some political clout. As the account @BigGoodJohn grew, I just get hundreds of followers each day hoping for follow-for-follow.

          I want to test monetizing them. Selling self-help ebooks seems a simple start. So I opened accounts with Clickband and CJ, and am looking for products now.

          I have a new WordPress site, built as a new subdomain to a family website established for 15 years.

          PopShops has been recommended "vaguely" as a quick and simple way to add a storefront using a WordPress plugin, and to receive commissions which will be paypalled to me.

          Any advice, comments, suggestions? Please?
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            lol! OP asked a question then vanished. people are still replying to it for the last year and half


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              have you tried Shopify Store for online Shop?