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Payment API? Any advice?

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  • Payment API? Any advice?

    Hello HTMLForums,

    Suppose I have the following setup:

    1. A user (let's refer to this user as “seller”) inputs their credit card, CVC, and information about the item they would like to sell.

    2. Seller's credit card information is processed with a payment API and is stored as a customer, and their customer ID is added to a database.

    3. Another user (let's refer to this user as “buyer”), sees the item, and wishes to buy.

    4. Buyer inputs their credit card information in the item's page, and some amount of money is taken from their bank account via the payment API.

    5. This money is transferred to my bank account.

    6. Some percentage of the money is then transferred to the seller's bank account, FROM my bank account, using the customer ID stored in step 2.

    Is step “6” possible to accomplish with any payment API?

    I've heard about Stripe and Braintree, but i'm leaning more towards Google Checkout and Paypal as they are more recognized brands. Is this possible to do with paypal API or google checkout? How about Stripe or Braintree?

    Are there any demos on this being done?

    Thank you for your time,


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    Would anyone be able to recommend a service that will work in this situation?

    I would really appreciate it if someone were to assist me in this matter.

    Thank you.


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      hi everybody

      hello everybody, i am new in this forum. hope everybody would be fine. my friend tell me about the forums where i can post thread regarding to my problems. can anybody tell me how i can create a thread?