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Site not showing for respective keywords in search engine

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  • Site not showing for respective keywords in search engine

    Site not showing for respective keywords in search engine..
    I have done all the SEo techniques..
    have around 15 backlinks in Webmaster..
    Its the only site thats not ranking for its keywords.. I have 6 more.. and all are up on their respective keywords..
    All are 2-3 months old..

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    15 backlinks is not enough... and if there is a lot of conccurence with this keywords. you really have to double your efforts.. at all for one 15 backlinks and even 100 don't mean you get definitely ranked...


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      When you look at your Google 'Webmaster Tools' account, where are your pages ranked? And what keywords is Google saying it's showing your site with?

      Look within the tools site for any problems with your web site - possible crawling issues?


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        I hate to be a killjoy, but this thread is from the end of October and the OP has been banned from the forums.
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