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what is the problem with Blogger??????

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  • what is the problem with Blogger??????

    From the last day i can't see my blogs in blogger. by using proxy i can visit them but from any browser its just impossible. can anyone please tell me the problem? or what should i do to protect this problem?

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    Its working fine buddy --- just updated my blog on quirks mode


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      Clear the cache out on your browser - try that...


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        i too found it is working exactly fine might be some problem at your end .Do remove cache and cookies


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          Try a new browser that you didn't visit blogger.


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            Problems with Blogger? Take a look at the big picture. You are creating on somebody else's platform, and at the mercy of any whim that they have.

            For long-term security, you are best to move to WordPress. That is open-source software that you can run on any host.

            OK. I have gone off at a slight tangent, and onto one of my favorite rants. (Perhaps Peg will forgive me? Peg likes me!)

            But, hand on heart, I have offered genuinely useful advice!
            Live fast. Die young. Leave a beautiful body of code. (Nick Romano in Knock on any Door 1949... nearly!) Initiative test for Peg! Can you see this link? Small business multi-user multi-currency accounts freeware & multi-company accounting software NB. It is not spam - I'm allowed to have a signature! Hee, hee! It's been here months without you seeing!


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              Peg uses Wordpress on one of her sites, so she can't say too much against it.
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