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Advantages Of Simplicity In Web Designing

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    Simplecity of your website will hold visitor and it can increase the returning visitor,content must be original write of people not for machines,less effects will not divers the visitor fake pop up's must be reduced.
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      Design depends on purpose, need. However the best practice is to make it simple, proper navigation, keeping uniform layout and to satisfy the user need without creating confusion in their minds. Too much fancy color styles, lake of content, pops up time taking to load website distracts user and causes frustration. The best approach to design a website is: Start thing at the point of end user, do every thing for their ease maintain a good layout.


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        Web site design projects of the yore were not very complex and carried the sole purpose of displaying text onto your computer screen. Since then, web has come a long way with more complex navigation & and designs. The World Wide Web is "still in its infancy" but as the technology has evolved, it has now become difficult to manage the balance between practicality and compatibility, and between esthetics and availability. These artificial limits are not impossible to cross; we only have to look beyond them & work on the shortcomings, if any. Go through the points mentioned below to take a sneak peek into the future of web design.

        Simplicity - It's the most important attribute of a web site. The freelancers dealing with online web designing projects can no more ignore this fact. The seemingly overcrowded web pages, filled with irrelevant and confusing information tend to distract the users resulting in overall customer dissatisfaction.

        Speed - Freelancers handling web site design projects must create & optimize web pages so that they are downloaded quickly. Similarly in the case of web page ecommerce, the consumer wants to shop quickly without being bombarded with needless advertisements or lengthy buying procedures. An intelligent & successful website is one that takes care of all the needs of an end-user and is quick in doing it.

        Attractive Design - Website designing, especially ecommerce designing is more than just images and text or data. An ecommerce website is a marketing platform that represents your companies business and its products. A shabby looking website will surely drive away any potential customer. A website must have a personality & must reflect emotions. Therefore, freelancer undertaking online web designing projects must try and keep the designs attractive.

        Standardization - Standardization of web design is going to be the huge step forward on the World Wide Web. It's going to be about usability & functionality.

        Web designing has evolved from being primitive to complex & will now move towards being simple and easy to use. The goal, eventually is to produce visually appealing and radically distinctive web designs which are compatible with all kinds of browsers and accessible to one and all.


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          The advantages of the simple web designs are like they are easy to navigate. The simple designed website loads faster and looks professional. Users can easily scan the content on the website. Designers can easily design and build the website. It is easy to debug for solving the errors. Admin of the website can easily maintain the website.


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            Originally posted by adamchronister8 View Post
            The whole point of a web page is to display content, so the simpler the design the easier it is to show the content and the easier it is to maintain.

            I like to design simple yet effective websites. I dont get why people try to show off with loads of rubbish, Flash and Animations etc when the real goal of a website is to make people money - SEO for the win..


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              The homepage of a site is simply the doorway or "introduction" of the site. It should be easy for the visitor to quickly gather what the site is all about -- as well have have clear navigation so that the visitor can easily find section(s) they are looking for.