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    • Originally posted by Pegasus View Post
      Hey, John! LTNS! *lol* I've been told that Japan is pretty much one large pokestop. Makes sense to me. How goes it?
      Pretty much! There are Pokestops everywhere. Not much interest in the game myself, but regularly see people walking about playing it still.

      Goes well, thanks! Got a typhoon coming in today, so time to hunker down for a bit of rain. Not like the ones in the states, though, so should be fine.

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      • Groan. Your jokes are getting worse every time you come up with one. Sheesh! I don't play much past getting one critter and one pokestop a day. Can't afford the gas and the weather hasn't been conducive to long walks on my lunch hour.

        Okay, you hunker down. I'm going to go turn the furnace on. We're due for frost tonight.
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        • Originally posted by CatGirl6369 View Post
          I had to Google that joke. o_o;

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