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The Riddle Game

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  • The Riddle Game

    ... as inspired by entimp's thread.

    Rules of the game:

    One person posts a riddle.
    --Everyone may take a guess.
    --If they are stumped, the "riddler" may post the answer, and post another riddle or choose someone to post the new riddle.
    --If someone guesses the answer, it will be his/her turn to post the riddle.
    -- If people need help, give clues

    Got it? great! I'll post the first riddle, starting off with an easy one:

    What is the only thing you cant get rid of by losing it?

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    the answer

    my guess....

    your temper.


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      i knew it was too easy

      your turn, post a riddle.


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        new riddle

        A farmer and his hired help were carrying grain to the barn. The farmer carried one sack of grain and the hired help carried two sacks. Who carried the heavier load and why?


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          it depends on how much grain was in each sack.


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            The Farmer because he carried his sack alone. The help carried one sack at a time together.


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              So close guys!!
              Keep're getting warm.


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                the hired help carry two sacks, because there are two of them, at twice the weight of the farmer. Else, the hired help is a donkey/mule/horse/work animal that carries two sacs.


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                  The farmer hired two guys, each carried a sack.

                  They all are holding the same weight.


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                    Re: new riddle

                    The farmer carried one sack of grain and the hired help carried two sacks.
           in two empty sacks??????


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                      Okay....nice job guys.
                      The farmer carried more weight. He carried a sack of grain and the help carried two sacks....empty sacks. Read the second line again.

                      DannyB. it's your turn....


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                        Riddle #3

                        Another Farmer......a little more complicated.

                        Everyday the farmer carries things to market to sell or trade.

                        Today he has a live chicken, a live fox, and a sack of feed(grain).

                        The market is on the other side of the river but that's okay because he has a small rowboat that is just big enough to carry himself and only one of the other items at a time across the river.

                        in what order would the farmer take the items to get all three items to market safely?

                        hint: if he takes the fox first, the chicken will eat the feed while the farmer is gone. If he takes the feed first then the fox will eat the obviously he needs to take the chicken first because the fox will not eat grain.



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                          using your clue:

                          chicken first (leave fox and feed)

                          take fox next return with chicken

                          leave chicken, take feed next, return with nothing

                          take chicken next


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                            How can a man living in Florida legally marry 30 woman without ever getting a divorce or being widowed?

                            Hint: don't think about it too hard!


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                              He's the priest.

                              But, someone else can say the next riddle if I'm right... I don't know any riddles.