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  • The HTML Tag Game

    OK, I though it might be fun to start a word game. So here goes

    1. In your turn, you may either open or close an HTML tag; anything you type has to go between two and only two angle brackets. XHTML style self-closing tags are not allowed. Alternately, you may choose to insert content into an open tag.

    2. You are allowed to make up new tags with whatever attributes you would like. Any that seem to be good ideas will be submitted to the W3C for possible inclusion in HTML 6.

    3. You may not close a tag if there is an open tag at a lower level.

    4. You may not take two turns in a row; you must let someone else post in between.

    5. You may include PHP, JavaScript, and any other languages like those. If you reference a function, you may include the function. But remember, you cannot close a tag you just opened because that would be taking two turns in a row. So if you open a <script> tag, someone else could always add to you code...

    Person #1: <html>
    Person #2: <body>
    <!-- At this point, Person #3 may not say </html>. See Rule 3.-->
    Person #3: <IHNIWTM>

    NOTE: Person #3 invented the I Have No Idea What This Means tag.

    All right! The first person to post has to do a creative DOCTYPE.
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