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  • AutoIt?

    I have noticed that all forums are based on Web development, but I'm looking for someone who knows about Programming in AutoIt. If anyone is familiar with the language and could help me out Please post bellow.

    The problem,
    I have two scripts running simultaneously. One script is always the top script while the other script may be hidden for another program that is on top of it.

    1) Script that is always on top is small and may be positioned anywhere you like on the screen. The script has only a single button that is suppose to direct the primary script to be the focus point.

    2) Script 2 may be hidden by other windows, but when playing a full screen game, a simple mouse click from the other script will bring this script into focus.

    I've used several different commands to bring #2 into focus but I can't seem to get it to work. If anyone here is familiar with the AutoIt programming language would you please let me know. I'll be happy to fill you in with more detail if need be.

    Thank you