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  • No one's creating threads or... there something wrong on my end?

    Anyways, I wanted to know your thoughts on bingeable Youtube channels.

    My favorite channels I like to binge are:

    Sourcefed Nerd (Table Talks)
    Casey Neistat

    and Munchies

    I'm looking for more since I work from home every day and I have a lot of off time!

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    I don't binge youtube channels.

    People don't create threads - because this community is more interested in the development areas of the forum and not the community part

    Ah well, gives me a chance to shine!
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      The forum *is* slowing down for people who want help, yes, but I think that's part of the nature of the beast, so to speak. We've been going for 16 years now and the number of people coding by hand has dwindled. A lot of people use things like and, so their need for hand coding is negligible.

      It happens. It's not you.

      I don't go on youtube, either, not as a rule. I look up knitting or crochet stitches/patterns once in a while, but not often, and a friend of mine has a webseries that I watch when a new episode is out.
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        Originally posted by Pegasus View Post
        We've been going for 16 years now and the number of people coding by hand has dwindled.
        It's such a pity really, it gives you so much more control than a CMS or WYSIWYG.

        Makes me feel sad

        Then again, we could go back to structuring websites with tables, that would make me sad too!

        Good job on the 16 years though, impressive!
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          It is impressive, isn't it? *lol* What's scary is that I've been here for 15 of those years. It doesn't seem like that long.
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            It's kind of scary.. I was stuck on something for a little project I am doing after not being involved in the dev world for a long time and thought of this place. Came here and saw the recent post dates... heart breaking. I remember when this place was BOOMINGGGGG. I will say it's nice to see some names from those days though.. its been a reallllly long time.


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              Welcome back, Doug. Yeah, it's been a while.Getting an upgrade to the forum is going to be an improvement, too.
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