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HTML6 and CCS4?

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  • HTML6 and CCS4?

    I remember back in 2013/2014 there was a lot of talk on the internet about what's in store for HTML6 and CSS4. It's 2018 now and we're still using HTML5 and CSS3 (aren't we?). Whatever happened to HTML6 and CSS4? Still in the works? Abandoned? Already out and I've been living under a rock?

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    Hi there gibby,

    unfortunately, HTMLForums is dead in all but name.

    I would suggest that you take your problem to a live forum such as

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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      The browser vendors follow the WhatWG process for developing the HTML standard. WhatWG dropped version numbers and now uses a living standard. Meaning that there won't be a version 6 from them.
      The w3c continues versioning their releases of their HTML standard. They recently released version 5.1 which was some 10,000 [1] change sets behind the WhatWG. The W3C wants to retain control of the idea that they control the HTML spec. The truth is that they don't. The four major browser vendors (Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple) all participate in the WhatWG spec first. Many of the other browser vendors work with WhatWGg as well. When the specs disagree the browser vendors will discuss the issue. Generally the WhatWG spec wins as it is designed to match what the browser vendors are shipping.
      [1] The only checkin on Jan 13th for the whatwg html repository when the w3c forked the repo
      git clone
      cd html
      git log 8558f93f86a8a910fa23d961e271e7333e16170e --pretty=oneline | wc -l